Blogmas Day 13: My December Essential Rewards


Hey everyone!

Can you believe there’s only 12 days until Christmas? I have that “OMG there’s only X days until Christmas!” moment every day, and it is getting closer and closer. The great thing about the holidays is all the deals and steals it brings. You guys know I love essential oils, so I thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage of some seasonal products from Young Living and do a bit of Christmas shopping, too.

Today I wanted to share my December Essential Rewards order with you! It is the second order I received from Young Living, and it was like Christmas arrived early once I got home from work this evening. Does anyone else love getting mail and packages, especially FUN things that you are actually looking forward to!? I’m not talking about mail like bills. Boo. Nobody likes that. Essential oils, though? Yes. Yes, I accept!

So, here’s the haul!


I love trying new skincare products, and when I saw this facial scrub I decided that I wanted to give it a shot. It is enhanced with essential oils like rosemary, Roman chamomile, and peppermint. I will report back once I’ve used it a few times & let you know what I think!



I’m not sure what happened with the printing on here, but this is the En-R-Gee essential oil. It is a blend of rosemary, juniper, lemongrass, nutmeg, balsam, cove, and pepper. It is uplifting with a hint of spicy warmth that perks you up!



Okay, so this is one of my favourite blends. It is sweet, but not sickly sweet, and pairs well with so many other essential oils. It is a blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, ocotea, and lavender and I can’t wait to use it in an epsom salt bath!



Mmm, cedar wood. So warm, earthy, and bright. It will be nice diffused with something like pine and peppermint for a rustic cabin kinda vibe.



So, this is one out of two bottles I ordered. I am THISCLOSE to finishing my current bottle, so I knew that I needed another to last me through winter. And maybe I’ll need another one – who knows! It is a blend of warming and citrus oils like orange, cinnamon, and black spruce, and goes well with a hot toddy by the fire ; )



This is a new one for me in the sense that I have never even heard of Elemi. Elemi is a type of tree that is native to the Philippines. It is a relative to frankincence and myrrh with a similar smell. When used in skincare it can help prevent wrinkles and improve skin texture. This one will be interesting to try in some DIY body butters and skincare products.


And for FREE, I got SIX essential oils. When you spend a certain amount and reach a certain amount of PV (personal volume), Young Living rewards you with points to put towards future purchases AND free oils! Their holiday promos were AMAZING, so I will be sharing some of these oils this holiday season : ) I received two of each of the oils below.


Northern Lights Black Spruce is a very manly smelling oil. Picture a hot lumberjack — this is what he would smell like. I like to put a few drops of this with Christmas Spirit for an extra festive smelling home.



Another holiday-appropriate oil, but also great for making your own rollerballs, colognes, or diffusing at home.



And classic peppermint! I am currently diffusing this and Stress Away and it smells like a candy cane in here. It is amazing!


That is everything (aside from the gifty items) I received from my Young Living Essential Rewards order. Let me know in a comment what YOUR favourite essential oil is!

Blogmas Day 12: A Huntin’ We Will Go



We have a Christmas tree.

I have been waiting for this day ever since I wrote it on the calendar weeks (and weeks and weeks) ago. There is something about having your Christmas tree that makes it all come together, don’t you think?

So, we packed up the doggies and went Christmas tree hunting with my mom and dad at our local Christmas tree farm. We usually get a tree from there every year (YAY! Support local!) and the fact that they allow dogs on the grounds is a huge bonus.


Miss Luna was extra curious about all the sights and smells.


Nala was SO HAPPY because she got to run around and play OFF LEASH! Female dogs are allowed off leash, but male dogs are to be leashed as they are more prone to mark the trees. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my tree to smell like pee (I’m more of a pine or fir kinda gal), so that is probably wise.



Anyway, Nala had the time of her life zipping between all the trees, saying hello to people, and following us as we hunted for the perfect tree to bring home.


The pooches were pleasantly tuckered out when we got home. This meant that decorating the tree might be a bit easier with them sleeping! We turned on the Christmas tunes, made some tea (with coconut milk eggnog, of course), and got to work! Ryan was on light duty – the second time around. The first time I kept winding them way too close together and would run out of lights when we were only half way. Maybe this just means we need more!? It all came together and the dogs wanted a picture in front of the tree. No really. I didn’t want the picture. They did ; )



There’s officially less than two weeks until Christmas! I am so excited. I love the holiday season and everything it brings, and this weekend will be another busy one with a few get togethers with family and friends. Until then, I will sit back & relax on the couch with my little fam jam and admire the tree : ) Yep, I think it came together pretty well!

Do you have your tree up yet!?


Blogmas Day 11: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Training

Blogmas Day 10: An Early Christmas Gift


Friday night at 8:07pm, an airplane landed at YYJ airport in Victoria, BC. On that plane were several rescue puppies from Northern BC that were coming to Vancouver Island to escape the cold. The thought had been about six months to a year in the making: we should get Nala a friend. You see, Nala is our rescue pup who you might remember from this post back in July of 2016. It is hard to think that in 2018 she will be two years old, as it seems like we have had her forever.

Nevertheless, we searched for dogs here and there, but we never felt serious about it enough until this fall. At one point the light bulb was burning so brightly that we could not ignore the idea. And, as luck may have it, a local rescue had come across a few litters of puppies up north. Ryan and I decided it was time to put in our application, as there was one pup in particular with an icy blue stare that caught our eyes and tugged at our heart strings.


So, it was on that Friday night (December 8th) that we picked up our new pup from the airport. She was so tiny curled up with her blanket in her carrying case. It was funny watching her walk with the big girl leash back to the Jeep. We brought her home, introduced her to Nala and Simba (our cat), which thankfully went well. To be honest, the first night wasn’t terrible – only a bit of crying in her crate before she fell fast asleep.

Our first full day together yesterday was spent playing, sleeping, and even learning a few new tricks. Or rather, starting to learn, anyway. Life is so busy when you are a puppy! Although mom did not get much sleep this weekend because she has been sick AND on puppy duty, mom & dad are both super happy with the new addition to the family. Guess what? Nala and Simba are happy, too. Well, the dog more than the cat ; )



Welcome to the family, Luna!