Summer Shrimp Dinner + Doctor’s Orders


Good morning, party people!

I am kicking off this post by sharing the summery dinner we had last night. Does anyone else think of seafood as a summer food? Maybe it’s because there’s lots of fresh seafood around and people are out fishing and boating in the summer. I mean, we didn’t catch the shrimp ourselves or anything (#lazy) but I did catch it from the freezer if that counts?

This dinner came together pretty quickly thanks to a rice and quinoa blend I already had in the fridge. I have been pre-cooking things like rice and roasted veggies, that way when I head home on my lunch breaks all I need to do is add protein and VOILA! Easy lunch. So, I used the rest of the grains for our dinner last night, then added shredded green cabbage, mushrooms, and kale. I topped it with shrimp that I cooked in garlic and coconut oil, then sprinkled on some avocado and green onions. For a bit of saucey sauce, I put a bit of sweet chili sauce in with the shrimp, because I know Ryan likes to have a bit more flavour. I still wanted to taste all of the flavours in the dish, though, so a touch of sauce is all it needed!

Okay, so in yesterday’s post I was all panicked about hurting myself during my track workout on Tuesday. At least, I’m pretty sure when this all started. Anyway, I went to my doctor yesterday and he confirmed that I have a strained groin muscle. It is one of the three muscles in my inner thigh that controls adduction (bringing your legs closer together). He had me lay down and moved my legs in different ways that would either trigger the quad contracting/extending, as well as the hamstring and muscles surrounding the hip. Well, it turns out that as soon as he started “testing” the adductor muscles, that’s when I really felt it. That was a clear indication that it wasn’t quad or hamstring related (I am normally pretty flexible in these areas in that I stretch and foam roll them consistently), and so he said no running this weekend (he suggested a full week off – WOE IS ME!!!! <– Okay stop the drama Holly), lots of resting, icing, and taking anti-inflammatory medicine like Advil or Aleve if needed. So, I’m sitting here icing my crotch as I type. Seriously, guys. I just have to make a bit of a joke about this because how else will I survive not running?? This is day three and I’m already wishing I could do my long run tomorrow. Both Ryan AND the doctor rolled their eyes and laughed when I said, “So, no long run on Saturday?” No, no, and no.

So, what am I supposed to do? Well, I ordered a new book (via Amazon prime, which I must say is KIND OF amazing because I ordered it on Monday and it arrived Wednesday morning) and have been nerding out. It is nutrition and wellness related (are you surprised?) and it is based on real science. None of this trendy wellness stuff that you see so often. Kelly’s Fab Four plan is based on factual evidence about the way food impacts our body, including how it can enhance or prevent inflammation, disease, and other factors that we generally ignore and turn towards drugs for. I am only on chapter two, and I am already learning more about how our body metabolizes sugar and how things like carbohydrates effects our insulin levels. It really is cool stuff (if you are interested in nutrition, that is), and I will be sure to share a thorough review on here once I am finished!



One thing that I have been doing from Kelly’s book is drinking a smoothie every morning. I also shared this smoothie on the blog, and you can find the recipe here if you are interested! It keeps me full until lunch time, and I don’t find myself wanting to mindlessly snack throughout the day after I’ve had this smoothie. It’s amazing how fast our body can respond when you fuel it with the right foods that make you feel GOOD! Again, I will update you on how I am feeling as I continue on this smoothie kick. I am just not in the mood for oatmeal lately, which is usually my go to breakfast, but the thought of making a hot bowl of oats in the summer does not sound appealing. So, I will go with what my body wants!

Since I will not be running long tomorrow (I had a 10 miler on my plan butttt nope, not happening), I will be taking the time to map out some blog content for you guys! Let me know what you want to see more of. VIDEOS? How-to’s? Demos? I want to hear what YOU want!! Leave me a comment : )

Track Time + Let’s Talk INJURIES

Hey everyone!

Back again on the blog, but I don’t have much running to update you on. Actually, I skipped yesterday’s run, and this morning’s run, buuut… We will get to that in a minute.

First let’s chat about my workout on Tuesday. If you listened to my latest podcast episode, you would’ve heard all about the bathroom drama during this workout. The workout was a two mile warm up, four laps around the track (sprint on the straightaways, recover on the curves), and a two mile cool down. Seems easy enough, right?

Well, I did the workout, got home, stretched and foam rolled after as usual. My legs felt a bit stiff during the day, but nothing I haven’t felt before. When I got home, I made dinner, carried on with the evening activities, and had an Epsom salt bath. I figured this would take away any soreness I had, though I was wrong. I woke up yesterday morning with my left hip feeling stiff. “Hmm, okay.” I thought, and so I skipped my six mile tempo run, figuring my body needed more time to rest after the track workout. However, as the day went on, I noticed the pain was moreso in my groin area, and off to Google I went. Now, it’s a little scary searching for your symptoms because it comes up with a whole list of injuries that I do NOT want to have. So, I am going to play it safe. Last night after I work I came home and immediately grabbed a couple ice packs to try to numb the pain, which is good for a while but it doesn’t last long. BLAH! Why now!? I mean, I am happy that it is now and not in September when the marathon is only one month away, but come on. Right when I was getting into a routine and feeling excited about my training, I get derailed. I mean, maybe I am blowing it out of proportion and it will heal on its own, but to be on the safe side I have booked an appointment with my doctor, and an appointment with an athletic therapist to make sure I am doing all that I can do stay injury free throughout training.

That’s it! I wanted to update you guys in case you were wondering why there won’t be any running updates for a little while. I’m not too sure how long I won’t be running for – I pray not TOO long, because there’s 87 days until the marathon, and I want to make the most out of my training cycle. What can you do though, right? I just gotta make it work.


Have you ever dealt with an injury?

EXCITING NEWS! + Pasta Night is Good for the Soul



Exciting news.

No, no babies. Not even a new fur baby. No engagement. No wedding.

Nope, nadda.

None of that.

BUT! The exciting news I wanted to share with you today is that you can now find my podcast on iTUNES!!

Okay, I am probably more excited about this than you are, but it had to be shared. I mean, now I can go everywhere with you.

I will always be with you. *Cue creepy music*

Nah, not in a weird way. In a friendly hanging out kinda way. Bonus for you guys: my podcast episodes are short and sweet, which means you can binge-listen to them over, and over, and over… : )

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Alright, so let’s recap yesterday a bit, shall we?

In true Holly fashion, I snoozed through my alarms several times and my scheduled six mile run did not happen in the morning. Boo. My legs were super sore from my long run on Saturday, and it was quite nice to catch up on sleep. That being said though, this meant running in the blazing heat after work.

6 miles. Slow. Easy, but it felt hard. It took SO long for my legs to finally get into it, and by that time I had twenty minutes left of the run. Meh. Such is life, right?



When I came inside, Ryan had a big pot of pasta going! He knows that carbs and wine are the way to this girl’s heart. Smart man, he is : ) He used a simple tomato sauce and added a bit of chili flakes for spice, garlic, and pepper for seasoning, then added KALE (I KNOW, that was my reaction too!), red onion, mushrooms, and veggie ground. It was the perfect meal after my run because by that point I was huuuungry. It’s like we have ESPN or something (cue Mean Girls reference).



Also, ignore the splatters in the bowl. I realized after uploading this picture that I should’ve at least made it look a bit more photogenic and wiped the sauce off the sides. Oh well. You guys know I’m not the Master Chef, right? If you didn’t, surprise. Sorry to disappoint ; )

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Week 3 Marathon Training Recap + Saturday Shenanigans


Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Are Monday’s actually happy though? Back to the grind, back to routine, and goodbye to the weekend.

It’s not all bad, though! It’s a fresh start, right?

Today I wanted to recap Saturday for you, as I tend to do on Monday mornings. Saturdays are typically either super busy, or they are like this past Saturday where the day flew by, despite the fact that I didn’t get too much done. Note: my definition of an unproductive day means I didn’t get to clean the house top to bottom, vacuum, and get all the laundry done. Insert eye roll here. Boring hey, haha.

Anyway, Saturday started as it normally does for me – with a run! I had prepared the night before by sticking a water bottle in the freezer & putting my Honey Stinger gel in my water belt. Typically I do not run with a water belt all the time; they are kind of dorky looking, but at this point I’m more concerned about NOT dying from dehydration and less about what my running outfit looks like. Plus, you don’t always need to carry water with you while you’re on the go. It ended up being a life saver on this run, considering it was already HOT hot hot out when I started the run at 7am.

I had 14 miles on my training plan for Saturday, which is my longest run in A LONG TIME. The last time I ran 14 miles (or 22.5km) was years ago when I was still living with my parents in Chemainus. I tend to get comfortable at certain distances – usually around 10-12 – but obviously marathon training will be bringing me outside of this box. As my pal Jillian Michaels says, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” Oookay then!



It took me 2 hour and 17 minutes to complete my run, which I did at a comfortable-ish pace. I mean, how comfortable can you be when you have to go up ALL the hills on your way home? Boo. If anything, it’ll make me a stronger runner for the marathon, anyway! My run was a mix of roads and trails, and I felt super accomplished when it was completed. Another week of marathon training done and dusted! Of course, I did start training back in mid-May, but this marks the third week of my new training plan, which I chatted about on the podcast in episode nine.



So, how did this week go? I know you’re all dying to know, so here we go.

Monday: An easy 5 miles. This was also the day we hiked Mt Tzouhalem last week.

Tuesday: 8 miles of hills. Hills. My nemesis, but I know you are good for me. This was also the day that I had tummy troubles and had to run home at mile 6, then picked up Nala for the last two miles, then my watch died at mile 6.68-ish and I ran until I figured we had covered 8 miles or a bit over that. Oh well. Such is life!

Wednesday: Easy 6 treadmill miles after work

Thursday: Easy breezy beautiful three miles. Splits were 9:33, 9:05, 9:32 – goal marathon pace sandwiched between two hills. I was happy with this one!

Friday: REST. Literally did nothing after work and also slept in, so that was nice!

Saturday: 14 miles

Sunday: Rest

Onward to a new week in training!

Then after my run, I puttered around the house & started to play around with the podcast a bit. More to come on that. I also ran a few errands, then went to a friend’s house to hang out and chat on the deck with a cup of tea. It was a great afternoon, and I met my mom & dad’s new cat, Lucille! My sister thinks it’s so funny for animals to have human names, so that’s how Miss Lucille came about. Lucy for short!



She is sooo stinking cute. And TINY too! When I walked in the door and saw this tiny little thing frolicking towards me I was like. Oh my GOSH and instantly fell in love. Don’t worry Nala & Simba. I love you guys too, but I mean. Who doesn’t love kitties!?

After making my rounds visiting, I came home and that’s where the story ends! I made a salmon burger and salad, watched The Devil Wears Prada, and then snacked on some cherries. They are the best summer snack!


I hope you guys have an awesome day! Catch ya in the morning : )