The First Episode of 2018: The MARATHON Episode!


Good morning!


We are kicking off this Monday with a new PODCAST episode! Today we are chatting all about my marathon experience, how I felt physically & mentally, and what’s been happening since the last time we chatted. Enjoy!



Blogmas Day 4: The PODCAST IS BACK!


WOW. It has been a MINUTE since I put out a new podcast episode, but here we are. I am back!

In this episode I give you a rundown (ha!) of the last two months & what I’ve been up to. I also chat about why I kind of dropped off the podcast/blogging game in September/part of October, what’s happening in December, and a bit about that whole marathon thing that happened in October –> but most of that will be on it’s own episode because I want to put a lot of info together for you guys!

Of course, if there’s anything YOU want to hear on the podcast, let me know! : )

Ep 16: Chit Chatting + Running is Transformative

Today on the podcast I get a little bit chit chatty during the intro and outro… Like, word vomit and I don’t know when to stop. BUT! The main goal of today’s podcast is to share how running is transformative and to just DO the things you want to do! “Who cares what other people think? As long as what you are doing is making you happy, then that’s all that counts.”

Ep 15: WHY I Run

Today on the podcast I chat about my initial motivation to start running, and WHY I run now. How did I get started? How did I feel when I first started? I also chat about making the move to better your life, and what my AHA moment was to drive me to pursue running on a regular basis.

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